Welcome to the server!

Perhaps you are wondering what to do on this server?
Well, essentially everyone spawns with a standard-issue pistol.
Kill other players to gain points, so you can buy more powerful weaponry.

Fairly quickly you should be able to afford your very own lightsaber, and that’s when the most fun parts begin.
Join the steam group by typing !steam into the chat to get 1000 points, which will be enough to get a permanent lightsaber!


How do I actually use the lightsaber?
Sheathe/unsheathe it using your reload key, and select between the various force powers using your number keys. When you have selected a power, right-click to use it.
I strongly recommend you use Force Absorb quite a lot as you absorb the damage you take that way.

How do I get weapons or playermodels?
Press F3 or type !shop into the chat. Once there, you will find all items available for you.

Invite your friends, and have fun!