Want to be the best of the best? Get the gear you deserve!


Maximize your dueling experience by getting your custom lightsaber swep set up! You get to pick the hilt and the crystal. Make your unique lightsaber recognizable on the battlefield and put fear into your opponents. Also grants you the ability to use both Sith and Jedi force powers.

Custom lightsaber sounds + taunt

Want to be heard on the battlefield? Want to see your enemies flee in terror at the very sound of you? Now you can roar like a tauntaun! (if you’re into doing that sort of thing on your spare time). Get your own custom lightsaber sounds! We will work together with you to pick out some cool lightsaber sounds, and even a taunt (voice clip) from the Star Wars series of your choosing to add as a secondary functionality. You will essentially be able to play that sound whenever you wish (not spam it though). Now you can finally add that missing piece to the atmosphere of a lightsaber duel.


Put yourself on the map with the most powerful weapons available for purchase! Weapons such as the BFG, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Grenade and more will be available for you to buy. Get ready to scare the bejeezus out of your opponents.

Customize your look

Want to look the part? Get access to exclusive playermodels! This includes many of the Jedi, Sith and troopers who are part of the Star Wars universe.

Custom title

Ever wanted to be called Lord? Now you can! Get your very own custom title! This can be altered by staff at any time in case you have a change of heart. The title is displayed in the chat.


Be fancy wherever you go! Get exclusive access to our site! You will also get a VIP tag to ensure that people know you contributed.

Make it rain!

Get yourself some well-deserved credits to be able to afford all of those fancy toys!

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You’re just a few clicks away!

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We strive to create the best possible experience with the least amount of required downloads

We have all been there! Having to wait ages to join your favorite servers because they decided to have too much content feels like such a waste of time, and it definitely deterred myself in the past. That's why we are starting this new initiative: Servers focusing on maximizing the experience with as little content as possible. Finding a balance is hard, but achievable. No more long loading times! Jump straight into the action. What are you waiting for? ;)

  • Providing you with a new experience by adding and changing features

  • Creating content to used with the various sweps and addons

  • A regular day at the office

  • On point

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